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Falling Feels Like Flying... Until You Hit the Ground.

23 August 1989
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I'm a ditzy 21 year-old girl from Scotland.
I tend to go by my real name, but I also get called Hachiko (because my best friend thinks I'm like Nana Komatsu and for the record, I'm really not! >.>), Leaf, Chibi-pumpkins, or Shadesswolfe.

I enjoy dressing in elegant gothic lolita outfits, reading manga, watching anime, cosplay, sewing, painting, singing, acting, watching Figure Skating (Daisuke Takahashi! <3),and yoga (which I really need to get back into!)

I currently live with my boyfriend in the wonderful(!) town of Port Glasgow, but soon we're moving to a nice house in Inverkip which I'm very excited about :)

I'd love to travel and see more of the world.. particularly Japan and Korea.. but loads of other places too (India and Canada are pretty high up on the list.

Hope you enjoy reading about my precious little life (had to get a reference in here somewhere) and can bear with me when I go on one of my silly rants (that I usually regret later) (=^__^=)

Love, Clare.x